NIPCO® Technology

for individual calender nips

Guarneri Technology® is the only calender system manufacturer to offer deflection controlled NIPCO® rolls for textile finishing and technical textiles. This calender technology is characterized by decisive design advantages such as:
  • Stationary shaft and turned around sleeves
  • Free rotating sleeves: polyamide PGT6, TopTech 3®, Paper, Cotton or Steel
  • Width adjustment for various fabric widths, motorised
  • Multi area pressure setting with a wide spread across the total working width
  • Retracting of the sleeves, to prevent edge overheating
  • Step less adjusting of area controlled pressure settings from 25 - 400 N/mm
  • Maintenance free Electro Hot Water heating system for the steel roll
  • Alternative heating systems on demand, like Thermal Oil or Gas
  • Peripheral executed steel rolls for fast reacting on temperature adjusting or re-setting under high speed

Section of NIPCO® roll Roll system NIPCO® roll/steel roll with narrow fabric web

  Rows of support sources at the L calender

Roll retraction elements for various fabric widths NIPCO® roll with sleeve

The rotating, highly elastic, homogeneous sleeve

The sleeve, whether, polyamide PGT6, TopTech 3®, Paper, Cotton or Steel adjusts itself to the deflection of counter rolls, all sleeves are gliding on an oil film according to the technology of one hydrostatic bearing: no sealing problem, no oil leakage!

Your advantage: maintenance free and long system life

Diagram of support sources in an installed shaft Hydrostatic retraction supports
These supports arranged on the right and left of the sleeve, ensure quick relief and protect the Thermoplast, or Duroplast sleeve from burning on the edges which are not covered.

Your advantage: Whether you work with narrow or wide fabric, you will never need to hold stand by sleeves or bowls cut to actual material widths.

Width adjustment and area controlled pressure setting
In the NIPCO® roll the supports are arranged as individual elements side by side on the stationary shaft across the whole width.
Our stepless pressure setting between 25 and 400 N/mm will guarantee the requested pressure demands.
Whenever you have to vary the pressure setting according to the material needs, i.e. elongated selvedges, weaving imperfections, you will have the opportunity the set the requirements using the NIPCO® HT option.
Our width adjusting system is motorised offered according to your specific demands.

Your advantage: Nip pressure in the width where necessary. No overload at the fabric selvedges, i.e. uniform effect over the fabric width without cambering of the sleeve at the fabric selvedges.

Width adjustment during production
As a result of a further advance in NIPCO® technology, this calender type offers the textile finisher an additional competitive advantage of adjusting the pressure width in the nip for rolls up to certain widths during the production process. This innovative technology offers an enormous time-saving when working with varying fabric widths in one production pass.

Your advantage: Time-saving and fabric waste minimisation when changing fabric widths during production.


Maintenance free electric hot-water heating system
Guarneri Technology® can deliver all types of bowl heating, thermal oil, gas, steam and electro hot water which acts as an immersion heater, using distilled water to generate the steam which is pressurised in the steam chamber, this gives a very even spread of heat across working width of the bowl width with a temperature accuracy of +/- 1,5°C

High temperature accuracy clean, space-saving and maintenance-free.


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