Nipco™ Flex

Two calenders in one

The 3 roll calender NIPCO™ Flex is characterised by a special designed feature: The electric motorised turning by 180° of the fixed NIPCO™ shaft!

Same customers in world markets would like to combine high glazing and Schreiner® effects in one machine. Prior to this Guarneri Technology™ development, you had always to change the process Steel bowl, chromium plated against engraved, which means: production interruption and mechanical handling with bowl exchange.

Our solution: The NIPCO™ shaft of the middle positioned process bowl is motorised turned from the top chromium plated to the lower engraved Steel roll; this takes approx two minutes and is considered to be the most important development based on NIPCO™ technology! Saving time means, saving money, saving money means to be superior to all of your competitors. In high glazing setting, the top hydrostatic support sources are active in the nip Steel chromium plated against NIPCO® with all its benefits in adjusting and edge protecting as former explained.

For required Schreiner® or any different type of flat embossing you turn the process bowl with the result that now the pressure line is active against the engraved Steel roll in down position and all NIPCO® advantages are still active.

This development has confirmed again, that Guarneri Technology™ is setting the standards in textile finishing to the benefit of our customers.

Your advantage:

  • Flexible pressure setting and width adjusting in top and bottom nip
  • Combining high glazing and embossing in one calender
  • Increasing production time and avoiding any production interruption by mechanical roll change
  • Adjustable pressure line setting to the requirement of your woven or knitted fabrics
  • In let and out let combined for woven and/or knitted fabrics according to your specific demands
  • Easy sleeve change i.e. TopTech 3®, Thermoplast against Duroplast, rubber coated sleeve against Steel sleeve
  • No friction in the nip as the sleeve is turning free around and is not slipped on a process shaft system
  • Protecting of edges against burning out and marking
  • No spare system bowl required for narrow and wide fabric widths to be processed in the same calender
Guarneri Technology
Guarneri Technology
Guarneri Technology