Nipco™ Calender

The support source makes the difference

Our NIPCO™ Technology is offering innovation, efficiency and most flexible solutions to all of our customers demands. Amongst the most important competitive advantages of the system is the change sleeve time within half a shift outstanding.

Please see our movie at the following address (Youtube Link) to find out more about how to replace a sleeve on a Guarneri Technology™ NIPCO™ calender.

The NIPCO™ sleeve is free turning and synchronised driven around the centre shaft, there will be no need to change for reasons of slippage or glide or burning of the edges not covered by material.

Our systems are always complimented with inlet and outlet, web guiding, tension control, seam and metal detectors, cooling rollers and fully computer controlled to fully satisfy our clients requests.

The latest development of NIPCO™ HT, high technology, is our answer for all markets. NIPCO™ HT means to press where pressure is required, zone controlled and individually adjusted according to material demands. This newly engineered calender design has been based on the extensive knowledge of the worlds most important calender manufacturer, Voith Paper.